The College of Nursing participates in a workshop held by the College of Dentistry

 Under the guidance of the Dean of the College of Nursing, Prof. Dr. Ali Kareem Khudhair, the teacher, Dr. Hakki Ismail Mansour, participated in a workshop held by the College of Dentistry at the University of Kerbala entitled (Health Benefits of Fasting the Month of Ramadan), presented by Dr. Ali Fadel Hashem, during which the health benefits of fasting were discussed, including weight loss and body weight improvement. According to the body mass index, fasting can improve calorie intake and help dissolve excess body fat by using it during the fasting period. Fasting also contributes to enhancing metabolism and maintaining neurotransmitters and diseases affected by fasting. The workshop also addressed the identification of patients Those who cannot fast and patients who can fast while monitoring their health condition, a number of teachers and employees participated in the workshop. Media of the College of Nursing.