The Educational Supervision Committee visits the College of Nursing

 The Educational Supervision Committee visited the College of Nursing at the University of Kerbala to review the college’s preparations and capabilities to receive sixth-grade students to perform the final ministerial exams for the current year 2021-2022. The delegation was received by the Dean of the College of Nursing, Prof. Dr. Ali Kareem Khudhair, Assistant Professor Dr. Salman Hussein Faris, Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs, and Assistant Professor Dr. Fatima Makki Mahmoud, Associate Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs. For his part, the delegation discussed the possibility of cooperation, preparation, arrangement and preparation of examination halls for students in cooperation and coordination with the Directorate Kerbala Governorate Education. It is reported that the exams for sixth preparatory students will be in the month of July. Media of the College of Nursing.