Faculty of Nursing organizes a symposium on: Genetic diseases

Faculty of Nursing / Department of Information Systems Basic Nursing Branch in the Faculty of Nursing at Karbala University A scientific symposium entitled “Genetic Diseases” attended by a number of associates from inside the college and neighboring colleges. The seminar was provided by Dr. Fatima Makki Mahmoud Al-Hakik, Dean’s Assistant for Administrative Affairs and Teacher Hassan Abdullah The main objective of the seminar was to identify the genetic disease and its classifications and the most important reasons that lead to its transmission. The study showed that the genetic disease is the disease caused by a genetic defect or a defect in the structure of chromosomes or its number in the human cell. Genetic and non-sex-related diseases, and other diseases related to sex, disease, molluscity, plasmia, hemophilia and color blindness. Some examples of genetic diseases were presented through the introduction of the most important characteristics that can characterize the person suffering from the disease of Mongolian nonsense and the most important: the presence of additional fold in the eyelid It is similar to the tunic that distinguish the eyes of the Mongolian race, short stature, feet, small hands, flat heads, prominent forehead, thick tongue and large size, finger prints different from natural. She also referred to the definition of Thalassemia (Mediterranean blood anemia) and its main causes, In c (11); it causes rapid red blood cell rupture due to differences in hemoglobin synthesis. The patient suffers from severe anemia, which leads to a lack of oxygen supply and the spleen is enlarged in patients (4 or 5 times) as a result of the increase In the work to get rid of damaged blood cells, while the bones to compensate for damaged blood cells, the patient needs blood doses every month throughout his life is suffering from psychological conditions and health is very difficult, and the main reasons for the existence of Thalassemia between spouses is the marriage of relatives. And treatment of these diseases, including blood test QB For the marriage was opened for discussion with the attendees to reach the best results.